Program Design 101

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Your intentional leadership will be most apparent in how you design the programing for the youth ministry. Purposefully planning to stay on mission reveals your commitment to excellence. Young people experience transformation in many ways. Your programing will ensure they know your approach to ministry. 

Your Guide

JJ has served at three churches in two denominations. He is married with two children and currently serves as the director of a Christian camp. 

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate your mission
  • Identify resources to support the identified cornerstones of your ministry
  • Develop a process for engaging others in planning
  • Identify possible models that will communicate a discipleship process

"I like the presentation, the ease of navigation. I really like the additional resources provided - I'm always one to look for a book I can read in addition to the video/discussion."

-Sarah Taylor

"This is awesome and a great value to young youth ministers looking to grow and dig deeper."

-Corey Markle

"Nothing could have prepared me more for youth ministry than YMI.  I am so thankful I had all the resources and information available to me as I started out as a new Youth Director.  I never would have survived otherwise.  Thank you YMI!" 

– Kelly Rains 

Youth Ministry Program Design
Youth Ministry Program Design Workflow - 1. Plan on Purpose 2. Select Excellence 3. Create a Model 4. Collaborate