Leadership 101

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Leadership conjures up images of men on horseback leading a charge into battle.  Have you ever contemplated the desperation of that image?  All other options must have been exhausted if the leader is making a risky charge into danger.  Possibly, great leadership might be embodied in those who avoid the “last stand.”  Heroic qualities of leadership may actually be more tied to the mundane choices of every day.

This course will introduce foundational leadership principles and encourage practices of being self-aware, authentic and intentional.

Your Guide

Josh served at a YMCA in a large metropolitan area. He is currently the long-time youth minister at a rural church and is married with four children.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify strategies by which you will lead others. 
  • Identify strategies to lead yourself.  
  • Balance personal, professional and spiritual development. 
  • Acknowledge areas of personal and professional growth. 
  • Become transparent and not defensive regarding struggles. 
  • Become intentional in working with others. 
  • Develop a personal mission statement and values. 

"YMI helped me think beyond the week to week figuring-it-out of youth ministry, to developing a long-range plan for developing disciples and leaders within youth ministry."

-Denvil Farley

"This is a great value to churches who really want to develop their youth ministers and grow deeper, more effective, youth ministries."

-Joel Lusz

"Nothing could have prepared me more for youth ministry than YMI.  I am so thankful I had all the resources and information available to me as I started out as a new Youth Director.  I never would have survived otherwise.  Thank you YMI!" 

– Kelly Rains 

Youth Ministry Leadership Class