You began in youth ministry because you felt called by Jesus, and you love teenagers. You’re working hard to develop your weekly program with fun games and meaningful relationships. You hope that is enough, but life has a way of challenging this way of thinking.

Before you know it, your kids are coming to you with questions like these:

  • “If God loves me, why doesn’t He answer my prayers?”
  • “Why does God let bad things happen?”
  • “Can I trust the Bible or should I believe in evolution? Can I believe in both?”
  • “Where was God when I needed Him?”

When questions like these come your way, you may try to change the subject, make a joke, or give a fluff answer that you know isn’t complete.

The truth is, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about how you should answer difficult questions about the Bible, Jesus, God, heaven, hell, faith and life in general. 

You may try to hide what you know is weak theology, but in your gut, you know you need to learn more.

Youth sitting in a group

Learning theology is not just checking off boxes about what you believe; it is an entire way of developing thought and belief systems. 

The problem isn’t that youth ministry is shallow or that you don’t have the tools to learn theology.

It’s that you have not been guided through the process and ideas necessary to gain a complete understanding of the most complex and core principles of Christian doctrine.

Even if you have dabbled in theology, you may still struggle to understand how belief applies to youth ministry.

You may believe that God is all-knowing but struggle with how to relate that to a teenager who has immediate access to any answer they need via Google. 

You may believe that Jesus empathizes with our own pain but aren’t sure how to communicate that in times of pain and suffering. 

A well-developed theology, or study of God, can help  you answer difficult questions and face scary moments with a level of grounded confidence.

So how can you learn theology?

Sure, you can spend hundreds of hours reading different sources, spend thousands on books, or move to a seminary to learn theology. 

You could also jump from the teachings of celebrity pastor to celebrity pastor. 

You may even “fake it” by occasionally using big words, so people think you know theology.

Learning to think theologically can be difficult, but there is a better way

What if you could learn the fundamentals of
developing your theological position?

Or build the skills necessary to understand how your students’ cultural context influences their belief system?

You CAN learn to tackle difficult, even paradoxical questions with confidence and nurture disciples of Jesus who have a firm grasp on the core beliefs of Christianity.

This is where Theology 101 comes in!

Theology 101 gives you the tools necessary to be a confident ministry leader in the face of challenging circumstances and difficult questions. 

This PRACTICAL, AFFORDABLE, go-at-your-own-pace course is designed to help you develop a robust and thoughtful understanding of theology. 

Learn theological principles and concepts from youth ministry pros and make theology the centerpiece of the youth ministry you serve. 

With Theology 101, you get…

Five modules jam-packed with concepts  designed to help you answer what you believe, understand the context of others’ beliefs, analyze difficult questions, take a more in-depth look at scripture and culture, discover the theological purpose for youth ministry, and so much more. 

“Deeper Learning” resources designed to explore the topic of theology more in-depth and in your context. 

The ability to choose a learning partner who will help you process what you are learning from this thorough course. 

Reflective Application Questions that will help you internalize the course material.

An exclusive and interactive discussion board.

A course designed to be completed at your own pace and schedule.

Instant access to the entire course content.

Website support – should an issue arise, we are here to help!

Lifetime access to this course. Once you make a purchase, it is yours forever.

Exclusive inside offers that we only give to YMI Online students.

30-day money-back guarantee. We’ve seen this material work in the lives of countless youth ministers. We believe in it! But if you are unsatisfied, send us an email, and we’ll give you your money back. 

$175  $90

About Theology 101

Naming your present theological position can be tricky. Words like “conservative” and “progressive” are often divisive with a great deal of prejudice surrounding them. Aligning with a particular belief system or denomination is also an exercise in nuance. But, it is vital that theology stands at the center of our youth ministries. How we think about God and God’s action in the world will inform why we do everything else. Or, at least, it should. 

Your Guide

Molly has worked for two churches in large and medium sized cities. She most recently taught high school and is married with her first child.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your core belief and build on your present theological position.
  • Identify the importance you place on each part of the Trinity
  • Analyze why controversial theological topics are difficult to discuss
  • Understanding your hermeneutic.
  • Analyze the hermeneutic of the young people with whom you work
  • Analyze the challenges of Biblical translation.
  • Develop other exegetical skills when reading the Bible.
  • Identify misconceptions that sometimes stand in the way of theological discovery. 
  • Begin to develop a theological purpose to your youth ministry.
  • Identify paradoxes in the Bible that will support your theology of youth ministry.

How you think about God and God’s action in the world will influence every way you act in your life and ministry. 

Your theology is central to the way you “do” ministry. 

Offer students, families, and Jesus your best by developing a robust theology – enroll in Theology 101 today!


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