Create the GROWING and THRIVING youth ministry that you’ve always dreamed of leading

You know the crunch time decisions.

You have one hour before youth group begins. 

The parents are calling. 

The kids are texting. 

Your other volunteer leader can’t make it. 

And you are still trying to figure out what game or lesson you will teach.  

Somehow, you know there must be a better way. 

Sometimes youth ministry feels like just trying anything you can in hopes that it somehow gets students excited. 


If you’ve ever wondered… 

  • Why the event or game you saw in a Facebook group didn’t work?
  • Why don’t students attend our gatherings?
  • Why aren’t our adult leaders on board with our vision?
  • How do we get enough of a budget to create the program activities we want to do?
  • How can we get the rest of the church to recognize and support what we are doing? 

You’re not alone. 

Youth ministries that students love to be a part of become
influential through strategic program design.

You can grow a youth ministry that is adding new students and engaging their hearts – you just need the right tools.

Program Design is more than just choosing a fun game or engaging activity.

Program Design is about building a SUSTAINED MOMENTUM.

You could keep trying the new “thing,” hoping that it will get students engaged.

You can keep downloading the next game or lesson and hope that it increases your students’ faith.

You can keep doing what you have done and be continually frustrated — or worse, quit because nothing seems to work.

A program that you love requires vital components, just like a car needs an engine to drive.

What if you could learn how to plan and create a mission that actually will work in moving your students towards faith? 

Or build a sustainable system designed to engage students, volunteers, parents, and board members?

You CAN build a THRIVING, MISSION DRIVEN ministry that engages students, parents, volunteers, church members, and builds MOMENTUM. 

Program Design 101 is the course you need to learn what DRIVES a GROWING ministry.  

Through this PRACTICAL, AFFORDABLE, go-at-your-own-pace course, you will learn the essentials that you MUST HAVE in your youth ministry program. 

Learn to design a youth ministry program that students will tell their friends about. 

With Program Design 101, you get…

Four modules jam-packed with the indispensable tools to evaluate your mission, identify cornerstones, discover needed resources, create processes to engage others, and explore models to communicate a discipleship process.

“Deeper Learning” resources designed to explore the topic of theology more in-depth and in your context. 

The ability to choose a learning partner who will help you process what you are learning from this thorough course. 

Reflective Application Questions that will help you internalize the course material.

An exclusive and interactive discussion board.

A course designed to be completed at your own pace and schedule.

Instant access to the entire course content.

Website support – should an issue arise, we are here to help!

Lifetime access to this course. Once you make a purchase, it is yours forever.

Exclusive inside offers that we only give to YMI Online students.

30-day money-back guarantee. We’ve seen this material work in the lives of countless youth ministers. We believe in it! But if you are unsatisfied, send us an email, and we’ll give you your money back. 

$175  $90

About Program Design 101

Your intentional leadership will be most apparent in how you design the programming for the youth ministry. Purposefully planning to stay on mission reveals your commitment to excellence.

Young people experience transformation in many ways. Your programming will ensure they know your approach to ministry.

Your Guide

JJ has served at three churches in two denominations. He is married with two children and currently serves as the director of a Christian camp. 

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate your mission
  • Identify resources to support the identified cornerstones of your ministry
  • Develop a process for engaging others in planning
  • Identify possible models that will communicate a discipleship process

Are you ready to FEEL CONFIDENT in your youth ministry program, see STUDENTS ENGAGE more deeply, and GAIN SUPPORT you need from volunteers and the congregation?

You can lead a youth ministry that is well designed and going somewhere in a meaningful way.

Your youth ministry has great potential – are you ready to explore all that it can be?

Give your best to students, families, and the ministry you serve – enroll in Program Design 101 today!


“YMI helped me think beyond the week to week figuring-it-out of  youth ministry, to developing a long-range plan for developing disciples and leaders within youth ministry.”

-Denvil Farley

“After being part of the YMI family, I realized I wasn’t alone in my freshman struggles of ministry leadership. Even after 8 years of Youth Ministry at my church, I still remember and apply the lessons I learned with YMI years ago.”

-Corey Markle

“Nothing could have prepared me more for youth ministry than YMI. I am so thankful I had all the resources and information available to me as I started out as a new Youth Director. I never would have survived otherwise Thank you YMI!”

-Kelly Rains

Youth Ministry Program Design