Create the GROWING and THRIVING youth ministry that you've always dreamed of leading

Youth ministries that students love to be a part of become
influential through strategic program design.

You can grow a youth ministry that is adding new students and engaging their hearts – you just need the right tools.

Program Design is more than just choosing a fun game or engaging activity.

Program Design is about building a SUSTAINED MOMENTUM.

About Program Design 101

Your intentional leadership will be most apparent in how you design the programming for the youth ministry. Purposefully planning to stay on mission reveals your commitment to excellence.

Young people experience transformation in many ways. Your programming will ensure they know your approach to ministry.

Program Design 101 Course Guide

Course Content

  • Plan on Purpose: Staying on Mission
  • Select Excellence: Choosing and Resourcing
  • Create a Model: Communicate the Plan
  • Collaborate: Plan with Key Audiences

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate your mission
  • Identify resources to support the identified cornerstones of your ministry
  • Develop a process for engaging others in planning
  • Identify possible models that will communicate a discipleship process