Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Youth Ministry Institute?

The Youth Ministry Institute is a non-profit organization that begin in 2005. We exist to guide the Church and its leaders toward success in youth and children's ministry. Our work consist of Hiring Services, Training (Certification, coaching & cohorts), Strategic Consulting, and Resourcing. We love what we do and we love what you do! 

Does this count for college credit? 

No.  We have discovered that most ministry professionals only want to improve and the cost of formal education doesn’t outweigh the benefit.  Our practical approach to ministry will prepare you for the challenges you will face. 

How do I join a live YMI Online Webinar?

Each month all PLUS level members will have access to our YMI Online Webinar. At the webinar you will be given the opportunity to listen in real-time to our conversation. In addition, you will be able to ask questions for our staff and guests to answer. Each month an email will be sent out with the link for the monthly webinar. You can also find the link by going to the Webinar Replay page.

How long is each course?

Each course is four to six modules long.  Each module is estimated to take between 20-45 minutes to complete. 

Is YMI Online affiliated with a Christian denomination?

The Youth Ministry Institute has had agreements with the United Methodist Church, Episcopal Church, and Presbyterian Church USA. It is the commitment of the board of directors to serve a variety of churches in the Christian tradition and to seek partnerships with multiple denominations and non-denominational churches.

What is a Learning Partner? 

A Learning Partner is a trusted person you select.  You can choose a colleague, friend, family member, work associate, mentor, supervisor, or coach.  Your Learning Partner will receive the answers to your Reflective Application Questions.  It is, therefore, their job to encourage your growth after every module you complete. It is a required field in your profile because we believe we need people in our lives that continue to encourage our growth.  You can choose up to ten Learning Partners.  And, you can change your Learning Partner based on the content of the course you are taking. 

How do I cancel my membership?

We know sometimes you may need to cancel - but know we hate to see you go! As a non-profit, we love what we get to do in supporting churches. Please know we have a variety of programs designed to help you succeed - so reach out and who knows, maybe we can help you in another way!

You may cancel your membership at any time. If you'd like to cancel - you can email support before your next billing date. If you choose to cancel, you will have access to your membership until the end of your current billing period.