Discover the ABSOLUTE MUSTS of youth ministry
and stop the guessing game.


Maybe you just graduated from seminary or are starting your second career. Maybe you’re a passionate volunteer.

And you were just handed the keys to a youth ministry. Congratulations.

Beginning as a new youth minister is exciting! You are filled with wonder at what God is going to do through your life and ministry.

At the same time, you are apprehensive. What if you say something wrong?

What if a student asks a question you don’t know? What if the group hates your game or sermon?

You may also be wondering what a STRONG youth ministry ACTUALLY INVOLVES.

Once you’ve planned the games and the lesson for the week, what else should you be doing?

About The Five Elements of Youth Ministry

Ministry is the sum of five elements. Evangelism, Recreation/Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship and Ministry/Mission, in equal parts, comprise the necessary parts of a successful ministry.

In this course you will learn the basic practice of each element. There aren’t any tricks or short cuts. You will find that you are already equipped to apply each element in your ministry.

Only effort and intention stand between you and a successful youth ministry.

The Five Elements of Youth Ministry Course Guide

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Evangelism - The Language of Invitation
  • Module 2: Recreation & Fellowship - Recreating Friendship
  • Module 3: Discipleship - Connecting Experiences
  • Module 4: Worship - Anyone Can Do It
  • Module 5: Mission & Ministry - The Discovery Process

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate your use of each of the five elements in your ministry
  • Identify current intentional actions surrounding each element
  • Apply best practices engaging each element in your ministry
  • Embrace at least two new practices in regards to each element