About YMI Online

Since 2005 the Youth Ministry Institute has offered superior practical youth ministry instruction in a face-to-face cohort model.  The cohort is supported by experienced ministry professionals in coaching and on-site consulting roles.  The result is that these supported and trained ministry professionals remain in their roles far exceeding the national average, resulting in ministries that grow by over 130%.

Now those same results are made available for you, no matter where in the world you live.  By 2022 there will be 40+ courses available through YMI Online.  Each will be supported by other ministry professionals.  All of this resulting in the same high rate of success.

Here’s what you will experience:

Learn on Your Own Schedule 

The asynchronous format allows you to binge a course in one day or stretch it out over several weeks, all from the comfort of your own home.

Practical Information from Practicing Youth Ministers 

YMI Guides (real ministry professionals) will give you the information you need in a 7-10 minute video in each module (4-5 modules per course).

You Choose Your Learning Partner

Select a colleague, coach, family member, pastor or your friend to have meaningful discussions with you about what you are learning. You will receive an email with your answers to our Reflective Application questions.  Remember to forward your answers to your Learning Partner when you complete each module.

Discuss with the Experts 

There is a discussion thread for each course at the bottom of each module.  Get the support you need from the community of youth ministers.

Earn Badges

For every course and every group of courses you will earn a completion badge.  Your profile page will keep your status up to date.  Become a “Superlative Theological Encourager.”  Yeah.  I think that really is a possible combination of badges you can receive.

More Resources

In each module you will also find a Transcript, Deeper Learning and More Resources. All will enrich your experience.

Extra Coaching

Need extra coaching or an on-site visit?  We provide these services, too.  Just let us know.